MPC Method is a technology with a low cost (compared with other methods) and high profitability. The technology cost is to be compensated, after 4-6 months. Also, it should be noted that this technology does not require the involvement of expensive or specific equipment. The work is carried out by a standard workover rig or coiled tubing unit. Accordingly, only workover staff will be involved in the operation. I it is important to note that, for MPC Method implementation only 2-4 days is required. Straight after MPC is completed the well activation procedure and pump installation process can be started. which the well is ready for installation of pumping equipment and commissioning.

This technology can be adapted and adjusted to the well maintenance schedule. This means that the customer can assign a work date to the time when he plans to carry out any work on this well. This saves time and money, and also does not disrupt the workover schedule.

The main advantages of MPC Method:

- Quick return on investments

- Comparative ease of use

- The application takes only 2-4 days

- Complex impact on the bottomhole well zone

- Allows to increase the productivity of oil wells by 1.5-10 times, gas wells by 3-15 times.

- Increase in the recovery rate

- Improvement of natural properties of the reservoir

- Does not damage the rock matrix

- Environmentally friendly technology

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