We can confidently say that this technology is applicable and effective on any types of reservoirs and on any wells (vertical, horizontal).

After receiving all the necessary information about the candidate well, our team makes a detailed description of the work. Together with the Customer, we approve the plan for stimulation of the well using MPC Technology, taking into account the specifics of the field and all technical conditions.

Work carrying out and terms.

To carry out all activities for the use of MPC Tech., From the moment of mobilization to the field, it takes only 2-4 days.

For carrying out of work on MPC Technology application we need only 2-4 days (after mobilization to the field).

MPC Technology work consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1 – chemical compositions A & B pumping inside the well. After both chemicals are delivered to the well bottom hole, the well should be kept for chemical reaction 12-24 hours. During the reaction process gas evolves at the bottom hole and penetrates inside the reservoir. This gas is the main body of the reaction process. The next day we start the second stage.

Stage 2 – chemical composition C pumping inside the well. This stage is directed at neutralization of A and B chemical reaction remains and at new reaction wave launching (during this process acid vapors also get inside the reservoir).

After the second stage is completed the process of well activation starts. Very important point is to activate the well on the necessary mode. The plan of well activation should be discussed between both parties.

Staff and equipment

  • Workover Rig or coiled tubing unit (the works of MPC Technology application can be done by rigless operation also)
  • Pumping unit
  • Tanks with technical water
  • Hand mixers for keeping chemicals in proper condition
  • Acid unit

2-4 MPCT specialists are dispatched for typical work performance.

The customer provides accompanying staff to all equipment provided.

Before carrying out the work, the well must be killed with technical fluid, according to all established regulations of the customer.