Oil Recovery Improvement

It is known that 30-60% of hydrocarbons remain in the deposit and is considered residual (unrecoverable) reserves. The coefficient of final recovery of hydrocarbons is one of the main technological indicators of the efficiency of field exploitation. The issue of completeness of hydrocarbon extraction becomes actual by the time of depletion of the field’s reserves and a drop in well productivity. Traditionally, the world uses methods to increase the final oil-gas recovery ratio associated with maintaining current reservoir pressure by injecting water, gas, or associated with increasing the reservoir coverage rate – the technology of in-situ combustion, steam injection.

Developers of MPC Technology have made a huge breakthrough in terms of increasing the coefficient of final oil-gas extraction. MPC Technology is a unique technology that allows to reach non-recoverable reserves, by opening a closed pore space in the active well zone. MPC Technology destroys the chemical bond in clathrate and hydrate compounds, displaces hydrocarbons and closes the active sites with its products. Hydrogen released during the chemical reaction at the bottom of the well penetrates into the formation and triggers a chain reaction that propagates deep into the formation. Closed / inactive pore space containing hydrocarbons is connected in the common well supply system, due to the action of atomic hydrogen. This is as follows: Hydrogen, as is known, has a huge permeability. Getting into and spreading into the formation, it penetrates into the closed pores and triggers inside it a chemical reaction, which is accompanied by a brief increase in temperature and pressure inside this pore. The walls of the pores become brittle and, the slightest pressure pulse destroys them, which leads to the release of the hydrocarbon.

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