Well Production Increase

This section is devoted to the frequently asked questions of the Customers: “What effect will be obtained on the well, whose productivity is completely satisfactory to the company?”, “We produce light oil and we do not have drilling muds problems and asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposits either.”

Use of our method on high-yield wells in fields with good reservoir parameters and conditions will only improve these parameters and increase the efficiency of hydrocarbon production. Due to the active effect of the gases released, the permeability of the near-wellbore zone increases, which increases the flow of hydrocarbon.

It is also known that at least 30% of hydrocarbons remain in the ground and are considered non-recoverable reserves. We break the chemical bond in clathrate and hydrate compounds, displacing hydrocarbons and closing the active centers with our products. This is evidenced not only by experiments (there is not even a smell of oil in a core samples after the treatment), but also practical work on the wells. Atoms of hydrogen, penetrating into the closed pore space, reduce the strength of the wall of the closed pore. And the slightest subsequent impulse of excess pressure opens up this space, releasing hydrocarbon reserves that are unrecoverable. The process of this chemical reaction in the formation can last for weeks and even months, since it is a chain process. The depth of penetration of gases depends on the parameters of the formation. There were cases when after a single well treatment, the production rate increased in neighboring wells located more than 100 m from the processing site.

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